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Local Counsel

Let Knowledgeable and Experienced Arizona Attorneys of Heurlin Sherlock Meet All Of Your Local Counsel Needs

If you or your company have a legal issue and do business in Arizona but are located outside of the state, it is important to have local, experienced counsel knowledgeable in Arizona law.

The Tucson attorneys of Heurlin Sherlock are experienced in acting as local counsel for companies and individuals who are located outside the state of Arizona, or within the state but outside of the greater Tucson area.

When acting as local counsel, we can provide the proper guidance and advice to the out-of-state lead counsel – advising them on specifics relating to Arizona laws, regulations, and legal procedures that are unfamiliar to attorneys who normally practice outside of the state. If you are an attorney who practices outside of Arizona but has a legal matter in the state, you do not need to go to Phoenix to find the most knowledgeable local counsel available. Tucson’s Heurlin Sherlock can provide you the best advice regarding:

  • Arizona laws and regulations
  • Procedural requirements for court filings, litigation or appeals
  • Local court rules
  • Judge profiles and profiles of local opposing counsel firms
  • Pro Hac Vice admission requirements
  • Comparative law and choice-of-law issues between local and outside jurisdictions

Our attorneys are also experienced in acting as lead counsel on matters that are referred from other out-of-state attorneys. Whatever the requirements may be to best suit your case, Heurlin Sherlock can provide you with all the resources you need to handle your Arizona legal matter.

Whether you or your business are forced to litigate in southern Arizona or simply need guidance on how a specific business matter can best be achieved in the state, our firm is the strongest local resource you will find.

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If you have a pending legal matter in Arizona or simply need advice on legal issues as they pertain to the local jurisdiction and need counsel who can assist with your case, contact the experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at Heurlin Sherlock in Tucson today.