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Business torts can refer to virtually any wrongful action by a company which harms the economic interests of an individual or another company. Liability can stem from either negligence or intentional acts. If you or your company has been harmed by a wrongful business action, or if your company has been accused of engaging in wrongful acts, the Tucson attorneys of Heurlin Sherlock can provide professional representation and guidance in helping to satisfactorily resolve the case.

We handle all forms of business tort cases, including:

Fraud, Deceit or False Advertising – Including allegations where a business fails to reveal a material fact or puts forth an erroneous and material claim during a transaction which ends up harming another.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty – Including all instances where parties have an obligation to act in the best interests of others, but fail to do so or have a conflict of interest in their business dealings. We represent parties across a variety of settings such as, a corporate officer owing a duty of care to the corporation; financial advisors protecting the interests of their clients; insurers owing a financial duty to the insured; partnerships or joint ventures where each party is expected to protect the interests of the other, and more.

Tortious Interference with Contractual Relations or Prospective Business Advantages – Where a competitor knows of a contract or economic relationship with a party and intentionally acts to either break the relationship or induce a party to breach his or her obligation under the contract.

Intellectual Property Violations – From misappropriation of a company’s trademark, patent or copyrighted materials to licensing disputes and rights of privacy and publicity.

Unfair Business Practices – Including allegations of wrongful collusion or price fixing schemes designed to harm competing businesses and/or consumers.

Unfair Competition – In addition to many of the torts mentioned above, a broad range of other actions can yield a claim that a business took wrongful advantage of another, such as theft of trade secrets, unreasonably rejecting goods that were delivered under contract, physically blocking the entrance to a competing business or harassing its customers, etc.

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If you are a party who has been harmed by business torts, or a business that stands accused of engaging in business torts, contact the experienced Tucson business attorneys of Heurlin Sherlock today for professional, effective advice and representation.