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Professional Tucson Lawyers For Breach of Contract Disputes

A contract is the important cornerstone for any business relationship. When one party fails to perform under the terms of the agreement, a breach of contract has occurred. The dedicated business lawyers of Heurlin Sherlock are Tucson’s preeminent resource for representation in breach of contract disputes.

Strong Business Background For Skilled Contractual Insights

With our already extensive business experience in matters such as business formation, partnerships, dissolutions, LLC governance, real estate, corporate law, and financial securities, the attorneys of Tucson’s Heurlin Sherlock know the ins-and-outs of even the most complex business transactions and can thus offer the best counseling and litigation services in the event of a dispute regarding a contract or a breached agreement.

Experienced In Handling The Most Complex Forms Of Business Disputes

We have represented parties in a wide variety of breach of contract disputes – from common instances of failure to pay between businesses to more complex disputes between governmental defense contractors and their subcontractors over issues concerning the federal Arms Export Control Act. No matter what kind of contractual dispute you or your business are involved in, our lawyers are ready to provide you with the kind of quality representation you can count on.

Providing Quality and Thorough Representation

If you are a party who has been damaged or been put in a disadvantaged business position by a breach of contract, our lawyers will provide you with the strongest representation possible to help you obtain all forms of appropriate remedies and compensation such as compensatory damages, liquidated damages, specific performance, return of property, enforcement of non-compete clauses and all other costs associated with your attempts to get the benefits of your original agreement.

Contact Tucson Business Contract Lawyers Today

If you or your business are involved in a contractual dispute, no matter how straightforward or complex the matter may be, contact the Tucson firm of Heurlin Sherlock where you will be promptly put in contact with an experienced attorney who can help you resolve your case.