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Tucson Business Attorneys Resolving Business Disputes And Partnership Dissolutions

Few things are more frustrating than building up a business and making progress, only to see that progress impeded by a business dispute among the partners. Such conflicts can harm the future of a business by wasting time and pulling focus away from the company’s goals. The best way to prevent partnership disputes from negatively affecting a business is to avoid them from the start through careful planning and proper drafting of agreements. The Tucson attorneys at Heurlin Sherlock have the experience needed to construct business deals which minimize friction and disruptions.

Quality Business Counseling

Business disputes among partners or corporate officers are frequently the result of failing to create written agreements, poorly written contracts or important policy issues that were not specifically addressed during the formation of the partnership. Regretfully, these problems often stem from trying to craft business agreements without proper legal counseling. A business lawyer can help develop and execute plans specifically designed to minimize future conflicts and clearly delineate the rights and responsibilities of each partner.

The experienced and knowledgeable Tucson business attorneys at Heurlin Sherlock can help you craft a proper partnership agreement and business plan that will help you meet your professional goals while minimizing the risk of future conflicts. If you determine that dissolving a business partnership is the best solution for moving forward, executing clear agreements are still critical for avoiding future conflicts after the split has occurred. Whether you decide to sell your partnership share, buy your partner’s share or continue the partnership under a modified agreement, our lawyers can provide the proper counseling to provide clarity and efficiency for your new direction.

Tucson Business Litigators Protecting Your Interests

Sometimes, even the best efforts can fail to amicably resolve a business dispute without litigation. Should that scenario arise, the Tucson business law attorneys at Heurlin Sherlock will not hesitate to zealously fight for your interests in court if litigation is required. From disagreements over managerial authority to allegations of financial impropriety, our firm can provide you with the strongest litigation abilities to help protect your interests, no matter what the dispute revolves around or what side of the conflict you find yourself on.

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If you need assistance resolving a business dispute or need modifications to a partnership agreement, contact the Tucson lawyers at Heurlin Sherlock today and let us put our knowledge and business experience to work for you.