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Tucson’s First Name in IRS Criminal Defense

Facing the wrong end of an IRS Criminal Investigation will be particularly stressful. With apparently limitless resources at its disposal, the IRS can seem relentless in its claims – whether they are justified or not. When faced with charges of criminal tax evasion or other offenses, attempting to tackle the problem on your own is a losing proposition. Defendants can face the possibility of prison, fines, payment of whatever back taxes the IRS insists are owed, and other penalties.

Under such circumstances, you will want a top defense attorney on your side who thoroughly understands the complex maze of the IRS tax code and how the IRS operates. The lawyers at Heurlin Sherlock can provide you with a defense attorney who has this kind of experience. Our attorneys regularly work with Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), former IRS agents, private investigators, and other experts to help mount the most effective defense possible.

Inside An IRS Criminal Investigation – Know Your Rights

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the IRS is separate and distinct from the civil division, which deals with more common mistakes and omissions on tax returns. When the IRS decides to launch a criminal investigation in a financial matter, it is usually for an amount that they deem large enough to make it worth their effort to prosecute.

If you are ever contacted by an agent from the IRS’s Criminal Investigation Division, the first thing you should know is that you are not legally obligated to communicate with them. Even answering seemingly innocuous questions may inadvertently help them construct a case against you or a friend. Instead, you should immediately speak with a qualified defense attorney to protect your rights.

Criminal IRS cases begin with a “preliminary investigation” led by special agents with the IRS. The agent’s supervisor and head of the office generally must review the information gathered during the preliminary investigation and formally approve continuing the case as a criminal investigation.

Criminal Tax Defense – Benefits of Early Counseling

As with other white collar crimes, the investigation process for IRS criminal cases can stretch for lengthy amounts of time. A person may be targeted in a preliminary criminal investigation and not even realize it until formal charges are filed. In addition, many defendants find their cases have been damaged by something they said or did in the early stages of an investigation, before they were formally charged. For this reason it is critical to consult with us before any meeting with any law enforcement or IRS agent, however friendly their meeting request may seem on the surface.

Retaining an attorney early in the investigation process can have substantial advantages for you. Our attorneys may be able to discuss the case with prosecutors before charges are filed. This may minimize charges, or even enable a potential defendant to avoid all criminal charges. Once a criminal investigation is approved and formalized by the higher echelons of IRS management, the chances of prosecution increase substantially.

With the skilled and knowledgeable attorneys at Heurlin Sherlock, you will have the best resources in your corner in mounting a defense against the IRS and helping you achieve the best solution possible to any criminal investigation.

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